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Level A and B

Psychometric Test Training

The British Psychological Society (BPS) Test User: Occupational, Ability and Personality (previously called Level A & B) qualifications provide a set of standards which define the competent user of psychological tests in occupational settings. Psysoft is an independent business psychology consultancy specialising in the delivery of high quality professional psychometric test training.  Psysoft works closely with the main test publishers to provide the most suitable tests to meet clients’ needs.  All courses are run by experienced trainers who are Business Psychologists and registered with the BPS.

Test User: Occupational, Ability (Level A)

The Level A course provides delegates with the practical skills necessary to conduct psychometric tests fairly and effectively in their organisation.  It provides access to over 150 tests from all the UK’s main publishers, to recruit and develop employees at all levels.

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Test User: Occupational, Personality (Level B)

The Level B course introduces delegates to the areas of personality theory, assessment and interpretation. Delegates will become qualified in the NEO PI-R personality inventory, providing fascinating insights into people’s behaviour in the workplace. The NEO PI-R is ideal for use in recruitment and development.

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In-House Level A and B

For any number of delegates, we will run Level A and/or Level B courses just for your organisation, tailoring the course structure where required.  We will fit in with your preferences in terms of location, content, length and times, including bite-size chunks if required.  There are significant price reductions available for group bookings - please Contact Us for a quotation.

If you are looking for Level A and/or Level B Training for any number of people, please Contact Us to see how we can meet your exact needs.

Combined Level A and B - both Level A & B in just 3 days (with 8 hours of e-learning).

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